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Specific research has tested the links ranging from personality attributes and you can food methods certainly one of teenagers and you will college students [step one, 18, 19]
Home Xəbərlər Specific research has tested the links ranging from personality attributes and you can food methods certainly one of teenagers and you will college students [step one, 18, 19]
14 Şub 2023  /  by Aybəniz Məmmədli   /   0 Comments

Specific research has tested the links ranging from personality attributes and you can food methods certainly one of teenagers and you will college students [step one, 18, 19]

Expertise in new dictate out-of character attribute to your losing weight routine try of benefit into the fitness promotion and individualizing dietary medical care bundle and not a one size suits all the strategy [8, 17]. Individualized treatments make up market services for example gender and you will decades, culture and philosophy, dining techniques along with rare circumstances, character features . And additionally, the newest interaction ranging from sex, character traits and you will losing weight habits was less than looked style of into the Africa. Elsewhere, particular studies have shown males demonstrating terrible weight reduction patterns as compared to lady [20, 21]. Addititionally there is facts creating the brand new telecommunications between characteristics, intercourse and you will eating habits. One of Norwergian youngsters, women which have lower conscientiousness and better neurotism were likely to consume sweet drinks . Therefore evaluating towards the character traits of youngsters may possibly provide a lot more understanding of brand new determinants out-of diet plan quality . not research in the area of character traits and you can weight loss program is highly less than looked when you look at the Ghana. This study for this reason geared towards deciding the relationship ranging from characteristics and you may weight loss habits certainly one of pupils when you look at the a Ghanaian tertiary instructional place.

Data participants and you may take to dimensions

The study incorporated undergraduate students of your own School of Ghana who consented to participate the research. Participants incorporated one another citizen and you can low-residential pupils. Expectant mothers and you will youngsters whose anthropometric specifications could not be used with ease was excluded regarding studies. Considering an excellent 95% Rely on interval, accuracy of 5, 50% chances and you will a keen attrition rates away from 4%, a sample measurements of 403 try acquired but sooner or later eight hundred professionals approved be part of the study.


The brand new sampling observed good multistage means. Pupils had been hired about four chief colleges throughout the College or university i.elizabeth. the latest Universities away from Health, Studies, Humanities, and you will Earliest and you can Applied sciences. Balloting was used to choose a couple colleges out of the complete of five. 7 departments was in fact further selected through the exact same procedure for balloting on a couple of universities prior to chose. Youngsters regarding departments was indeed randomly chosen following reached so you can participate in the analysis.

Ethical said

The analysis is approved by the University off Biomedical and you may Allied Wellness Sciences Stability and you will Protocol Remark Panel for the code matter SBAHS-Ainsi que./ten,443,580/AA/6A/2012–2013. An authored advised escort in Victorville consent is actually taken from for every single fellow member prior to analysis collection.


Investigation was gotten using a structured, self-applied survey. Analysis gathered integrated socio-demography, lbs, peak and body Bulk List (BMI), after the practical procedures. Personality traits was in fact analyzed playing with an effective fifty- items Worldwide Identity Goods Pond –(IPIP) equipment . New fifty-product IPIP unit actions brand new indicators of one’s big five basis build stated from the Goldberg . A beneficial “Three-Grounds Eating Survey” (TFEQ) was utilized to evaluate three aspects of brand new weight-loss habits and that try Cognitive restraint of food intake involving overseeing and you can control of dinner and body weight; Disinhibition out of control over eating which involves tendency to continue food even when satiated, desire for food or emotional eating we.e. looking solace during the dining when stressed otherwise response to outside signs [twenty four, 25]. This new TFEQ composed of 18 factors. Nine (9) of the things that focused the brand new power over dinner and the entire body lbs, half a dozen (6) worried about disinhibition away from power over restaurants therefore the remaining about three (3) for the mental food. People was required to choose among five responses and this appropriately makes reference to him or her extremely. Each of the four (4) answers adopted a scoring system. The full score varied anywhere between 18 and you may 72. The better the fresh new score more relied through to a particular fat reduction behavior.

Extra fat reduction advice was drawn playing with an organized questionnaire and this assessed pickiness (being particular, selective otherwise choosy regarding dinner), ‘neophagia’ (desired of new and you will uncommon meals such as for example delicacies off their cultures), dinner interest (with good taste having eating compared to one who discovers being forced to consume while the a hassle and you will manage only eat just like the he/she has for eating), variety trying, bypassing out-of dishes, consumption of fiber, consumption of vegetables and fruit in addition to consumption off oils, sugar and salt. Youngsters was in fact questioned to suggest the effectiveness of the arrangement with specific statements about this new slimming down patterns into a genuine or not the case scale which was stretched to help you obviously genuine, mainly true, primarily untrue and of course not the case. Incorrect to own a corrected question are drawn since the real (contrast ‘I love to follow the edibles which i know’ so you can ‘I like trying to the fresh foods’). Numerous comments were reviewed (predicated on which real or not the case size) to choose if the respondent is actually expected to this new weight loss practice involved.

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